Ensuring that you spend 10-15mins at the end of the day checking, cleaning and maintaining your Jetski. This will ensure a long life of your Jetski but also save your pocket in the long run by not having to replace rusted or corroded parts. This simple list below will ensure that your jetski gets the correct attention at the end of each ride, print a copy off and keep it in a safe place so you can refer back to it at any time

As soon as you have finished on the Jetski, make sure you start it up on the trailer (out of the water) for 6-10 seconds blowing all the water out of the cooling system.

Remove the bungs to drain any water inside the hull area that you may have picked up during the day.

Hot soapy foam car wash with sponge to keep you ski looking in tip top order (exterior only).

Flush you ski out as per your owners' manual as soon as possible after riding in salt water, remember you always have the craft running before you turn the water on to flush it out, run the water through with a flush clean if possible (salt-rid or similar product) for around 3-4 minutes, remembering once finished blow all the water inside the engine out again so no water stays in the system whilst not being used.

CRC (or other suitable marine lubricant) complete engine, jet unit and all moving parts to prevent rust and corrosion, keep in mind cover everything under the hood of your ski i.e. engine and exhaust to steering cables and electrical components, there is nothing that can't be hurt under the hood.

Leave the seat off to let the engine breath and cool down correctly, leaving the seat on might create moss and mould under the seat.

We recommend using a battery tender to keep your battery in good condition during storage.