Approched by local surfing legend Doug Young, Justin Mcmillian- film producer from Sydney and Red Bull Australia, Farnleys jetskis is heavily involved with supply of 5 jetskis to complete this huge mission. All of the action will take place in the South Island and our very own Chris will be along for this amazing adventure when it all takes place!!

The STORM SURFERS mission is to use the science of storm forecasting to track and hunt the storm front that will produce the biggest swells in the worl. But we wont go unless its 20 ft plus.

STORM SURFERS examines the phenomenon of big waves, the science behind them, the adventure of chasing them and the surfers who ride them in conditions that could kill. Filmed in stunning High Definition, STORM SURFERS employs cutting edge production technology to put the viewer right on the board with surfing legends Ross Clarke-Jones and Tom Carroll as they test the limits of physical endurance and master their fear in pursuit of the ultimate ride.

A huge thanks to Trappa for taking all the great photos!!!