Before you go for a ride on your personal watercraft, there are a few key things that you need to check before leaving home, print a copy of this page & keep it safe, so you can check it any time, any where

Check the battery. Is it charged?

Check this by turning the power on to your Jetski & making sure the engine turns over on the starter

Check that your Jetski actually starts. You can start & run your Jetski for up to 30secs without running water through the engine or causing damage.

Ensure that the bungs (if fitted) are screwed all the way in, hand tight

Check you have a full tank of fuel (we recommend a minimum of 96 octane)

Check the engine oil is at the correct level. Refer to your handbook for procedures.

Check you carry a spare set of spark plugs & the tools necessary to change them, two strokes only

Check you have life jackets & wetsuits for each person, ensuring safe & comfortable riding

Check the seat or seats are securely fitted

Check most importantly you have your safety lanyard & spare if you have one.